If you are following me on Twitter, then you’ve probably noticed me refer to Boob Hockey quite a bit.  It’s usually mentioned during times of duress.  The Boob Hockey hashtag was born while I was watching a Flyers playoff game on the Slingbox and Mrs. Phan was watching the movie, Bad Teacher on the television.  During a particularly intense portion of the game, she starts yelling for me to look at the screen.  What I saw was a set of lovely boobs.

Normally it’s a no-brainer and I would continue to ogle the boobs until they went on their merry way.  This time, the Flyers were in a life or death playoff battle with the New Jersey Devils.  I didn’t know what to look at.  I decided that I needed an extra set of eyeballs to watch both at the same time.  At that moment #BoobHockey was born.  Use this tag whenever times are bleak and you need a ray of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy day.

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