Because Philly phans are criminally insane, we’re all super excited to watch the Eagles select a bunch of relatively unproven talent.  The draft in any sport is a complete crap-shoot.  This year is extra difficult because all of the players are kind of in the “yeah, he’s a nice player” category instead of “that guy is an ph-ing beast.”  In 2012, the Eagles were able to actually select some decent players for once.  Because they stink, they hold the #4 pick in the draft which they better not screw up.

Last year I was able to correctly predict that the Eagles would pick Fletcher Cox with their first pick.  This year, I think they may trade down.  I was going to not so boldly say that they were going to pick Eric Fisher (Central Michigan).  However, I just read that stupid Andy Reid is now going to take him with the first pick.  I’m not sure if Luke Joeckel (Texas A&M) will fall down to #4.  I think that someone gives them a sweet deal to trade down.  However, if not, your Philadelphia Eagles will select…

1. Dion Jordan DE/OLB (Oregon)

2. Lane Johnson OT (Oklahoma)

3. Sharif Floyd DT (Florida) if he’s even there.

Chip’s going to take his boy.  He’s shown repeatedly that he likes people that he already knows.  I would love for them to trade down a couple of spots and get Dee Milliner (Alabama).  I want that defense to get nastified.  The Eagles have a ton of needs and I just hope they can get a bunch of Future Hall Of Famers to put these hats on their heads.

draft hat

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