This past Wednesday, our Philadelphia 76ers played their final game of the season.  I’ll be honest, I had the Phillies game on and completely forgot about this game.  I only feel slightly bad about it since this season was a travesty, a sham, a debacle, and a mockery (a traveshabaclery?).

The best thing that happened all season was that I bought a dope new Sixers hat and shirt with Christmas money.  This Sixers’ season was a complete mess.  He who shall not be named and Jason Richardson were worthless.  Doug Collins quit in December, yet still coached the team for the remainder of the season.  CEO Adam Aron forced himself to cheer unapologetically on Twitter.  He also continued to ignore my suggestions for a new mascot.  Spencer Hawes can’t seem to figure out if he’s a professional basketball player or not.  Kwame Brown, Damien Wilkins, and Royal Ivey.  Swaggy P too.

The only good thing that happened was that Jrue Holiday was an All-Star.  That and the Magic won’t get the Sixers draft pick because it’s protected.  Right now they’re slotted to pick 11th, so if they can move up higher than that via the lottery, that will be a good thing too.  Right now, ESPN is projecting that they’ll pick Cody Zeller from Indiana (SMPhH).  However, there’s a center from France projected highly out there, so I’m convinced we’ll wind up with him and he’ll be in the D-League for a couple of years until he goes back to France to play.  I’m terrified to see who the next coach will be.  Any and all excitement with the new owners and the big swing (and subsequent) miss of last offseason’s big trade is completely gone and now we anticipate further sitting in Basketball Hell for years to come.  What a terribly negative post this was, SHOW YA LUV!!


My sentiments exactly!

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Displaced Phan is a Philly Sports obsessive residing in places not named Philadelphia. Send Lager, soft pretzels, and Tastykakes.
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