After last night it’s official.  I came to the realization that I have a new least favorite team.  I can’t in good conscience say that the Dallas Cowboys are still my least favorite team.  Now don’t get me wrong.  They’ve only fallen one spot to #2.  However, judging by how insane I became while watching the Flyers/Penguins game, it meant that the Penguins are the new #1.

Normally I don’t get this worked up over a regular season game.  Last night however, was an obscenity laced tirade for three periods.  I hate every player on the Penguins, I respect none of them, and if they get hurt that’s fine by me.  Back in the 90’s when the Cowboys were winning Super Bowls, I at least had respect for Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman (sorry, Michael Irvin, not you) even though I hated them.  I never want to see players get hurt, except that one time (again, sorry, Michael Irvin) but I honestly would probably get a small sense of joy out of seeing a Penguin go down.  That’s disgusting, I know, but so are they.  So, that’s it.  I don’t even want to waste more time typing words for those clowns.


About Displaced Phan

Displaced Phan is a Philly Sports obsessive residing in places not named Philadelphia. Send Lager, soft pretzels, and Tastykakes.
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