I always feel better when an opponent just completely dismantles my team.  There wasn’t any, “we should’ve/could’ve won” feeling about this series.  The Devils should’ve won and they did.  I know a lot of people are rooting for the LA Kings (Flyers West), but I find zero comfort in that.  I can’t remember the last time that I rooted for a team from LA in anything.  I don’t care how many former Flyers are on the team.  If I didn’t root for Randall Cunningham when he played for Dallas, I’m not going out of my way to root for the Kings.

I’ve chosen to find a rather large silver lining from this Flyers season.  The team lost their captain twice, once by trade (Richards), the other by injury (Pronger).  They also traded away another all-star in Jeff Carter and they still had over 100 points and beat the Stanley Cup favorite pengos.  Rookies were everywhere.  Regardless of what happens with the remainder of the playoffs, the Flyers won those trades.  This team now is scary young and good.

I think that the Flyers only need to make a few moves to have this team back at the top of the NHL pack next season.  Even though he was inconsistent, Bryzgalov is our goaltender. He kept us in playoff games a lot of playoff games that would’ve been blowouts.  The Flyers actually had some shutouts this year.  Bryz dominated in March and can easily do that many times in the future.  I hope that Matt Carle does not get resigned because everything is his fault.  I think the time to trade JVR is now.  He just doesn’t bring enough to this team.  I put him in the same category as Jeff Carter, good on paper, always injured, and inconsistent.  Trade him to upgrade the defense.  I like JVR, but he’s expendable and making way too much money next season.

Claude Giroux has emerged as arguably the best player in the world.  I think he has learned the biggest lesson out of all the players.  He lost his cool and got a suspension that he deserved.  Lesson learnt.  He looked past, and allowed his teammates to look past an opponent.  Lesson learnt.  G, seems to have a brain in his head and I really don’t think that he’s going to allow those things to happen again.  Many people are upset (rightfully so) about his candid comments that the team looked past the Devils.  I’m fine with what he and Cole Hamels have chosen to do.  Tell the truth.  I’m tired of hearing athletes giving cookie cutter responses that everyone knows are BS.  I found G’s comments to be both irritating and refreshing at the same time.

The future for the Flyers is very bright.  The team got schooled by the Devils this postseason and they won’t make the same mistake again.  We all know what happens when people ass-u-me.  I will go on record to say that the Flyers will win the Cup soon. Maybe not next season, but very soon.  By 2018 soon.  Be patient, my friends, it’s coming.

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Displaced Phan is a Philly Sports obsessive residing in places not named Philadelphia. Send Lager, soft pretzels, and Tastykakes.
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