The Phillies unveiled their new crap merchandise this week and it was mostly magical (they have garden gnomes!!).  Seriously though, I’ll gladly accept anything with a Philadelphia team’s logo on it.  I literally have Eagles salt and pepper shakers that I got as a gift one Christmas.  However, the Phillies finally came up with a piece of merchandise that I would never and you should never purchase…

Photo by Paul Kurtz










What the hell??  The team proudly showed off their new Phillies diapers for all the new Phillies phans out there.  As a new father of a member of the target demographic, I am appalled.  Does the Phillies organization truly expect us to allow our children to befoul the proud Phillies logo??  Cartoon characters are one thing, but our heroes’ logo?  It’s almost a hate crime.  What they should be giving away is rival teams diapers.  My babies can proudly poop and pee all over mets/braves/natinals (sic) logos all day long while displaying maximum team pride.  Have we learned nothing from Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes fame)?  He’s been teaching us to pee on logos of hated teams for years.  What Would Calvin Do?  He’d pee all over a mets logo.  For shame Phillies marketing…for shame…

I don't know who made this, but good job and thanks!

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Displaced Phan is a Philly Sports obsessive residing in places not named Philadelphia. Send Lager, soft pretzels, and Tastykakes.
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