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  If you were watching the CSN feed of today’s Flyers game, then you should know.  According to Keith Jones, they are all “Creepers”.  He went on at length about how Erik Karlsson of the senators is “a creeper”.  The … Continue reading

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If I’m able to watch a game, I’ll be tweeting throughout.  Follow me @displacedphan for guaranteed hi-jinx.  Today, I’ll be flipping back-and-forth between the Flyers and the Phils starting…RIGHT NOW!!

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SIXERS MASCOT SEARCH (or lack thereof…)

This may be old news to some die-hard Sixers phans, but I got wondering after last night’s debacle in DC, what the hell happened to the new Sixers mascot we were promised??  In case you forgot the search is for … Continue reading

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71 SADS…

I was just about to leave work when I heard the devastating news.  So, I colored a picture to feel better.  I hate you, Achilles and your stupid tendons!!

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The Phillies unveiled their new crap merchandise this week and it was mostly magical (they have garden gnomes!!).  Seriously though, I’ll gladly accept anything with a Philadelphia team’s logo on it.  I literally have Eagles salt and pepper shakers that … Continue reading

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Goofy Andy


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THE SKY IS FALLING!!!! (3/27 edition)!!!!

Philadelphia Phans always have a penchant for the dramatic.  Today will be the first (of many) entries into the “Sky is Falling” department.  Today’s top apocalyptic stories: 1.  Chase Utley’s replacement’s (Wilson Valdez) replacement’s (Michael Martinez) replacement (Freddy Galvis) is … Continue reading

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Welcome to Displaced Phan (plus a brief history)

This will be a website for all 4 major Philly sports. I’ve been a displaced phan for most of my life and am now more displaced than ever. I’m over 5,000 miles away from Broad Street and am obsessed with … Continue reading

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